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Web-based machine learning made easy

Start from any Tensorflow model, we convert it

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You don't need to know anything, but JavaScript

Our Data Scientists and JavaScript experts blended together to provide in-browsers machine learning with easy integration

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We convert and deploy your Tensorflow models

You have a trained Tensorflow (python) model. You want to create a web page that run predictions on it, to get feedback, more data and improve it. You have come at the right place, we have everything to make it happen in 2 steps:

We convert a Python model to JavaScript and be ready to use

Tensorflow Python model

Tensorflow.js Javascript model

Our DataScientists + Tensorflow.js experts assist you: porting, JavaScript stubs ready to use, model qualification checking

You can deploy to run predictions in-browser or in the cloud with WarpJS

The model is downloaded, the data to run predictions on stays local

The data is uploaded to a low latency, scalable cloud solution with WarpJS

infer in browers

infer in cloud service

Easily add AI capacities to your web and mobile applications

You know very few about Machine-Learning or Tensorflow. Don't worry, we can convert the hardcore Tensorflow models into lightweight JavaScript services to be integrated with a few lines of JavaScript.

Step 1

Pickup your model from the TensorFlow hub

Step 2

We convert for you the model for JavaScript

Step 3

Create your front end and deploy it with WarpJS

Trust our experts to integrate Machine Learning into your own application

You are building a web or a mobile application and you would like to get it AI-enabled. We offer our expertise to adapt existing machine learning models to the web.

We do not develop or train AI models, but we are able integrate it into your app and to deploy it over the cloud or across your own infrastructure. Contact us to talk about your project and move forward.

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Showcased Machine learning apps

Image Credit: DarwinAI

Diagnose COVID-19 from the scan of a chest X-ray

With the help of our cloud technology WarpJS, ScaleDynamics Data-scientists manage to run in a browser a the identification of COVID-19 in CT scans. We adapted to the web the DarwinAI initiative (Experimental)

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You don't know what your web users post? You need automated moderation? Meet Toxicity. We adapted the Toxicity Tensorflow.js model to serve it from Google functions through WarpJS serverless.

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Identify Toxic phrases out of comments or any text

Deploy Tensorflow.js
as a back-end function
or as a entire app with Warp

WarpJS is a technology to code and deploy back ends, or whole JavaScript applications, in no time. It's a new approach to serverless that saves developers hours tying Front ends and Back ends together. Learn more

Deploy on best clouds & on-premise

Google Cloud Functions

AWS Lambda


Azure functions

It took us 22 months to build our new dynamic compiler technology. It gives new power to JavaScript developers. It is a revolution for JavaScript serverless.

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Our founder previously optimized the Android JVM within FlexyCore, acquired by Google in 2011.

Picture of Captain Kirk from Star Trek

COVID-19 | We created a web application to diagnose Covid-19 from patient's lung x-ray: join the initiative!